Weight Loss Story – Part 2


Me almost 8 months pregnant in June 2011. Luckily I said no to the stripes!

Picking up where I left off at my pregnancy I mentioned that I was stressed about being overweight and pregnant. It is supposed to be such a happy time enjoying your time before the baby arrives. Overall, I can say I did, though I it definitely had its up and downs. First off, I didn’t start having morning sickness until about 12 weeks along but it hit me hard and I was wiped. Like everyday I didn’t want to move and if I sat down my eyes just wanted to close automatically. This was hard to handle mentally because I felt like I was spiraling back to my sedentary ways and that I was going to gain all my weight back plus some. Also my diet up until then had much improved but I was told to not count points but to try and maintain my weight as much as possible. Problem was I couldn’t look at a salad or any “healthy” foods without it wanting to come right back up, (how about that imagery for  ya!) TMI I know. Luckily I have a fantastic doctor who was very supportive and never judgmental about my weight. I did have a couple of uncomfortable moments with the nurses though. One in particular dealing with glucose levels as she called out to her colleague in earshot of everyone what the acceptable levels were for obese patients. Lets just say I wanted to crawl into a hole. The first minute I was alone I just cried, it was so mortifying to be called that when I had been working so hard to no longer be “obese”. It was all worth it though because in August 2011 this little girl was born and it was the best day of my life by far!


Baby Bean – August 2011

I was ecstatic that she was here and she was all mine to take care of and cherish. I ended up having a c-section for her birth which definitely took some time to recover. Honestly I was ready to jump back into weight watchers about a month and half after she was born however, I again had some issues pop up that  sent my body into a tail spin.

October 2011 - Rejoining W.W. at 256.8 pounds.

October 2011 – Rejoining W.W. at 256.8 pounds.

For some reason my body went into full blown attack mode and every joint became extremely painful to move. I had never had this problem before but now getting up out of chairs, walking and sitting and getting up to go to the bathroom felt almost impossible. I went to the hospital, all my doctors, took steroids, stopped breast feeding, etc. I was terrified that it was going to be permanent and I was not going to be able to care properly for my daughter and family. It took six months before I weaned myself off of the steroids and I felt normal again. Never did “diagnose” it as anything except for the possibility of my hormones going crazy after my pregnancy. I am just beyond thankful that I was able to recover and as I have continued to lose weight I have never felt better.

I finally rejoined at 250.4 pounds in February 2012 and since then have been consistent and not quit Weight Watchers. I will say it is truly amazing how much you can accomplish in one years time when you really set your mind to it. I worked hard to find a new routine with balancing a new baby, going back to work, finding time to exercise and eat properly. I must admit during this time I was tracking points the whole time but we still ate out a lot and relied on prepacked processed diet foods to get me through. I just wasn’t disciplined enough at the time not to mention too stressed and busy to cook meals from scratch. I have certainly changed this thinking though and will write more about transitioning into clean eating in future posts.

April 2012_235 Pounds

By April I was down to 235 pounds and chugging along and then I really picked up speed in July when I reached 215 pounds. This was huge for me because I was turning 30 years old and I had not weighed 215 pounds since I was 15 years old. I remember this specifically because I was 15 the first time I joined W.W.’s and that weight has always stuck with me. Here I was fifteen years later still working to get it off. However mentally I knew I was in a much better place and ready to keep going. I will say at this time I was a little frustrated because I had not yet had that big aha moment where you get to buy new clothes and you feel like you look different.  Well finally right around my 30th birthday my body really seemed to start changing and I finally dropped some sizes.

IMG_9713 2

July 21, 2012 – 30th Birthday at 215 pounds


July 21, 2012 – My best friend and I celebrating my 30th Birthday with me at 215 pounds in size 18/20 clothing

During the fall I continued to lose weight and finally made it below 200 pounds and dropped to a size 14/16 which was a huge victory to me. Below is me trying on a dress in a 14/16. I couldn’t believe that it actually fit and looked good (at least to me).


It was around this time that I realized I wanted to take things a step further. I noticed that my exercise routine was getting boring with just mainly cardio and I wanted to build muscle. (Side note: During the summer I started running and participated in my first 5k. I plan to discuss this in a separate post.) However, I like a lot of people were intimidated by free weights at the gym. I did not know what exercises I should be doing, let alone how many reps or proper form. I also wanted to step up my weight loss as I was still hovering around 200 pounds at the beginning of November. I also really wanted to make it through the holidays without gaining weight and setting myself back. So I decided I wanted to work with a personal trainer and that is what I asked for as my Christmas gift. Luckily my husband was on board and willing to to take the leap of faith that I would stick with it as it was a very large expense but I have to say worth absolutely every penny and more! I started working with my trainer right before Thanksgiving and I was able to make it through without gaining weight then or over Christmas. I almost immediately started seeing positive changes in my shape and toning and she really made me understand the value of my body. It was then that I was able to start making more of an effort and plan meals better and incorporate more clean foods and start weeding out processed/prepackaged items. This included diet soda, which I must admit was probably the hardest to give up as I love me some carbonated syrup. :-)

Me at 190 lbs.

Me at 171 lbs.
Me at 171 lbs in mid-February 2013.

As we moved away from the holidays and into 2013 I have to say my head mentally was into the process and I was really learning to listen to my body. My trainer was helping me to shape and strengthen and teaching me how to incorporate more proteins and complex carbohydrates into my diet while still managing to lose weight. With me dedicating myself to this process and now loving and even craving exercise the weight continued to drop off and my clothing sizes started shrinking rapidly. This is starting to lead up to me reaching my original weight watchers goal weight of 160 pounds on May 4th, 2013 and this will be a separate post since this was such a special moment to me. Please stay tuned…

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  1. Lauren May 12, 2013 at 8:51 pm Reply

    Loved reading the second part of your weight loss story! Both stories had me in tears because of how proud of you I am and really hearing how you felt throughout the process!! You are doing an amazing job and I know you will never go back:-)

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